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12 Janusz Korczak str.

Kyiv, 03190, Ukraine

150 D. Rostovskogo str.

Makariv, Kyiv region, 08001, Ukraine

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Aerotechnica specializes in development and manufacturing of Air Traffic Control (ATC, ATM), Air Defense (AD), Air Force (AF) and frontier troops related products. Founded in 1991 in the former USSR by a group of retired officers which had served in one of the most prestigious military academies of the former USSR – the Kyiv Air Defence Higher Engineering Radio Technical School of the Air Defence Forces (acronym KVIRTU PVO), Aerotechnica has become the recognized corporation specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced radar data collection and processing systems for civil and air defense markets.


Our address

Ukraine, Kyiv, 03190,
12 Janusz Korczak str.

P:+38 044 591-15-75

Manufacturing facilities

Ukraine, Makarov,
Kyiv region, 08001
150 D. Rostovskogo str.


The research and production enterprise Aerotechnica was established in 1991 by a group of graduates from one of the best universities at that time – the Kyiv Engineering Radio Technical School of Air Defense. Developments of Aerotechnica are based on many years of experience.

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12 Janusz Korczak str.,
Kyiv, 03190, Ukraine

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